Milos’ beautiful beaches and bays revealed by boat

There’s no better way to discover the beauty of an island of ever-changing colours and enchanting beaches than hopping on a boat and exploring a unique coastline.

Nowhere does dramatic landscape quite like Milos. The Cycladic island’s volcanic past has gifted us a dazzling array of beaches and a spectacular vista of cliffs and rock formations, many taking on the colours of the mineral deposits they contain.

Exploring Milos by boat, you discover coves, creeks and caves, along with beaches that are either hard to reach or completely inaccessible by land. You’ll pass sleepy fishing villages and spot the island’s distinctive multi-coloured boat houses – sirmata, as they’re known locally.

Snorkelling in the magically clear water will be a highlight, but you’ll enjoy just sitting back and admiring all those rocks tinged with the colours of sulphur, perlite, copper, iron, amethyst or manganese. And obsidian, of course – or dragonglass as it’s known to Game of Throne fans.

It doesn’t matter what type of boat you choose (sailing or motor) and you can join a group or hire your own. The experience will stay with you forever.



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