The harmony of nature meets the serenity of the sea. Discover another view of the mountain and the sea in “Anastasia Luxury Villas”.

This island will be unforgettable

Explore Andros which will reward you with a wealth of beautiful landscapes, churches, monasteries, country churches, museums, beaches, always in a deep blue frame. Walk along cobbled streets, hike in deep gorges, green meadows, waterfalls and ravines, watermills and windmills. Relax in the green countryside, stroll along the picturesque Chora, taste the traditional local delicacies and amuse yourselves in the beautiful night-life! Enjoy water sports and diving, fishing and spear fishing, horse riding…


Discover the colors, the sounds and the quietness of the nature!

They say that you can’t get to know a place, if you haven’t walked there. In the case of Andros, if you walk on its paths you will know another place. Enchanting landscapes, purl waters, rich vegetation, monuments, a nature that gives itself generously to anyone who is willing to see it.The European Ramblers Association-ERA awarded the European quality badge «Leading Quality Trails – Best of Europe» to the unique island in Greece, Andros for the 100 from the 160 km of trails that have been (re)created by the group that frames the venture Andros Routes and is recommended by ERA to the European hikers as a tough, interesting and safe mountainous adventure.So if you are interested in an organized tour with an experienced guide, Anastasia Luxury Villas offers conducted trekking tours of historical and cultural interest on the trails of Andros at selected moments of the year.


Have fun with no risk!

Besides the beautiful beaches and the crystal clear waters that you can enjoy on Andros, you can also enjoy certain water sports such as windsurfing and kitesurfing.
Those privy to windsurfing, as well as those who grab a sail for the first time, find in Andros the absolute surf-world. Strengthening the benefits of both the strong winds that blow and the sea currents, Andros has developed a multitude of facilities and services round the world of the board.
On the island where the Northern wind alternates with the Southern wind and Zephyrus gives its place to the Etesian winds, water sports fans find their heaven on Earth.

Scuba diving

Escape to a different kind of entertainment.

The sea bottom which surrounds the wealthy in natural beauty Andros forms an endless field of undersea exploration for the fans of diving as they get the chance to explore the wonderful seabed of the island and discover a lively underwater world.

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