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Andros island

Andros is an island that can please many tastes and it is quite rare for anyone to be at a loss of things to do during their stay. The island of Andros successfully combines the cosmopolitan character of a contemporary resort with strong cultural values, history and deeply rooted local traditions. Andros is a versatile location providing several enticing options to every visitor.

Every corner of the island and a beach, every beach and a unique landscape.
Magical Beaches

Andros has many and excellent quality beaches since the coastline is 176 kilometers that satisfy all tastes. Beaches for families, fully organized and easily accessible, but also secluded beaches. Beaches with cold (up to crystal clear) waters and others, much warmer. Beaches with rich sand are the Niborio in Chora, Golden Sands in Kypri, Agios Petros and Achla, but also pebbles and rocks for those who love fishing, such as Gialia in Stenies, Chalkolimionas in Stavropeda, the beach of Synetiou village and Vori. Remarkable is the beach of Zorkos and Vitali, with wonderful waters, in an imposing location!

Andros is a great cultural tourism destination.
Museums & Monasteries

The internationally renowned Contemporary Art Museum of the Vasilis and Eliza Goulandris Foundation in Chora hosts unique painting and sculpture exhibitions every year. Also, the Archaeological Museums in Chora and Paleopolis adequately capture the eventful history of the island during ancient times thanks to their rich collections.
The Cyclades Olive Museum, in the village of Pitrofos, gives the visitor the opportunity to see up close a typical example of an olive production unit of pre-industrial technology and to get to know the operation of a traditional form of cottage industry.

A new theater, a new festival.

Two big events in Greece during the recession, with a common headquarters: Andros. An island identified with the international art scene, Andros is dynamically entering the country’s summer cultural map. Built with the island’s identity stone, xerolithia, with the technique of local craftsmen, it is “nestled” in the heart of the traditional settlement of Chora and thanks to an open-air state-of-the-art stage with 900 seats, it will host the Andros International Festival in August.

A monument of nature
Waterfalls Pithara

More fortunate than all the Cyclades Islands, Andros – the Water Goddess of antiquity – springs forth abundantly in springs and small rivers. Ten minutes after the settlement of Apoikia is the river and the waterfall of Pithara. The path leading to it is smooth and choked with ivy, foreshadowing what follows! Its crystal clear waters rush through the green landscape forming waterfalls and lakes where aquatic life finds refuge, many birds, rare species of plants and wild flowers.

The beauty of uniqueness.
St. Petros Tower

The tower of Agios Petros, a rare building of the Hellenistic era (4th-3rd century BC), is one of the best preserved in the Cyclades. It is cylindrical. built entirely of local slate and survives at a height of about 20 m. The spiral staircase that survives inside it and led to the floors of the Tower is impressive. It is built in a particularly privileged position, since it dominates the plain of Gavrio and faces the sea with the ability to control ships.

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