In Andros art is hidden everywhere. In nature, in museums, in…the kitchens!

Andros has a lot of splendid sights, enchanting nature and scenic locations worth visiting.

γαυριο ανδρος
Since the coastline is 176 km.

Sandy beaches are Nimborio in the Country, Golden Sand in Kypri, St. Peter and Ahla, such as Yalia in Stenies village, the Chalkolimionas in Stavropeda and the beach of the village Sineti. Remarkable for its unspoiled natural beauty is the Zorgos beach and Vitali beach, with amazing water and in an imposing location!

γαυριο ανδρος
Andros is a great destination of cultural tourism

The internationally-acclaimed Museum of Modern Art of the Basil & Elise Goulandris Foundation in Chora hosts every year unique painting & sculpture exhibitions. Furthermore, the Archaeological Museums in Chora & Paleopolis imprint with adequacy the turbulent history of the island in ancient times thanks to their rich collections. The Cyclades Olive Museum in the village Pitrofos gives the visitor the chance to see closely a typical example of an oil producing unit of preindustrial technology & to get to know the operation of a traditional form of cottage industry.

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Andros has many impressive and important churches and monasteries

The monasteries on the island count many centuries old.
The Holy Monastery of Panagia Panachrantou at Falika which rewards you with a stunning view of Chora, the Monastery of Zoodohos Pigi at Kipri and the Holy Monastery of St. Nicholas in Apikia are some of the most famous monasteries of Andros.


In Andros art is hidden everywhere. In nature, in museums, in …the kitchens!

γαυριο ανδρος
A new theatre for a new festival

Two new events amidst the depression Greece has been facing, both located in Andros. Being an island known for it’s link to the international art scene, Andros dynamically enters the country’s Summer cultural map. Built with the island’s trademark material, the Kserolithia stone and the mastery of local artisans the theatre “nested” in the heart of the traditional area of Chora and thanks to an open air state-of-the-art stage with 900 seat capacity.It will host in August the Andros international festival.

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A natural monument

Andros is the luckiest of all Cycladic islands, since ancient time plenty of water gashes through fountains and small rivers. Ten minutes from the apoikia residential area one can find the river and waterfall of Pithara. The path leading to it, smooth and surrounded with ivy sets the mood for what follows. The crystal clear waters that run fast through the lavish Green scenery shaping wateralls and lakes where aquatic life, many birds and rare types of plants find refuge

γαυριο ανδρος
The beauty of uniqueness

St. Peter’s tower, a rare structure of the Hellinistic era (4th-3rd century BC) is one of the best-preserved ones in the cycladic area. It is Cylindrical in shape, built exclusively with the stone local schistolithos and it is preserved up to 20 meters in height. The helix-shaped indoor straircase that led to the tower floors is very impressive. The tower itslef is built on an ideal location Overlooking the Gavrio plains and the sea, providing the ability to monitor incoming and outgoing vessels.